Press Releases of August 2017

And it's no wonder! Our Heavy Equipment comes in a range of different models and come in 1/12th and 1/14th scale. These products are hydraulic powered equipment that come fully functional and are provide the driver with the ability to lift some serious weight! One of our newest trucks is the 1/14 Scale Earth Hauler 797F Hydraulic Mining Truck (VV-JD00020) with a lifting force of over 200kg /... read more

"The G30, now powered by Honda, continues to lead the industry with reliability, durability, and performance, at the most affordable price available," says Mike Pettigrew, VMAC's Marketing Manager. "VMAC's G30 has always been the lightest, smallest, and most affordable gas engine driven rotary screw air compressor available, and now with the change to the Honda gas engine, it offers even more... read more

This past June, two representatives of ISO (International Organization of Standardization) visited VMAC's office and manufacturing facility to perform the certification audit on VMAC's quality management system to upgrade the company from ISO 9001:2008 to the 2015 revision. The auditors also discussed VMAC processes, improvement initiatives, and the tools being used to ensure products and... read more

This low maintenance battery features the latest Absorbent Glass Mat technology, with the electrolyte bound in a fleece made of glass fibres. This makes it a leak-proof system and in addition, the new technology is said to be less sensitive to temperature and develops little heat when charging and in operation, delivering greater power during use. The newly upgraded version also now has an... read more