CUSHOTRAC ReDDi Bolt-To-Link Track Pads

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Track Pads have become an essential product for heavy equipment on job sites throughout the world. They allow contractors the ability to perform their jobs without worrying about repairing damage to existing surfaces. For steel tracked equipment, e.g. excavators, Track Pads come in 3 options: Bolt-to-Shoe pads which fasten directly to the steel grouser, but require modification to the steel shoes. Clip/Clamp-on pads that attach to the steel grousers faster and easier, but are not meant for long-term use. Bolt-to-Link pads fasten direct to the chain links, eliminating half the hardware and fitment issues with Clip-on or Bolt-to-Shoe pads. For Excavators, the obvious best choice is Bolt-To-Link Track Pads.

The excavator market has been neglected in the performance and availability of Bolt-To-Link Track Pads. Essentially, there's only ever been one option which is a rubber track pad sold by multiple companies with only the slightest difference in shape to separate them. These similar track pads are all produced overseas, and hardly ever kept in stock at local dealers and distributors. Not to mention, the rubber compound is severely under-matched to the abusive application excavators work in including demolition. To sum up these problems, you have an underperforming product that takes multiple weeks if not months to replace. Fortunately, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. has a solution to these problems and it's 100% Made in the USA.

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. has designed and fielded the CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ Track Pad, an all Polyurethane Bolt-to-Link track pad engineered to eliminate virtually all common rubber track pad failures – and it is guaranteed. Every single CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ track pad comes with an industry leading 2-Year or 2,000 Hour Wear-life Guarantee, whichever comes first. The 2-Year or 2,000 Hour Wear-life Guarantee is possible due to the CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ offering nearly twice the 'chunk' resistance of the leading OEM rubber track pad based on ASTM D-624 and D-1938 tear strength and tear resistance testing data. The CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ pad also offers more than twice the abrasion resistance of the leading OE rubber pad based on ASTM DIN Index 53516. The CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ won't be falling apart on the job which means less downtime from having to replace track pads mid-way through a project risking late completion penalties.

The CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ is made to order with a one week turnaround time from placing your order to ship ensures timely delivery of the product you need, when you need it. The CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ is the first track pad that's truly, ReDDi™ for anything.

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Founded in 1964, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. is a designer and manufacturer of polyurethane and rubber industrial components for the material handling, construction, agricultural, military, and mining industries. All Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.'s product offerings are proudly engineered and produced in the USA on state of the art processing and machining equipment, overseen by quality management systems registered to ISO 9001 and environmental standards registered to ISO 14001. Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. also owns multiple patents on many innovative products that have become new industry standards.