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34867746(EQU) ALLIED 16 Very nice Allied 16 boom   P.O.R.
34975419(EQU) DAKOTA 30 TON #134005-Portable Dakota 3  P.O.R.
34867740(EQU) 1976 EAGLE IRON 54x34 54 single sand screw with  P.O.R.
34867771(EQU) EAGLE IRON 36x25 Eagle 36x25 sandscrew wit  P.O.R.
34867752(EQU) EAGLE IRON 36x25 36x25 fine material washe  P.O.R.
34867675(EQU) GRACE 15 TON Wagon style 8X8 Grace sur  P.O.R.
34867676(EQU) 1951 PIONEER 30 TON portable 30 ton surge bin  P.O.R.
34867712(EQU) SHOP MADE 8x8 8x8 surge bin (appr 5-7 c  P.O.R.
34867798(EQU) 1975 THURMAN 10x50 Scale includes balance be  P.O.R.
34867755(EQU) 2016 TRIO 6x20 #154002- Like new Trio po  P.O.R.
34867785(EQU) 1980 INGERSOLL R 850 CFM rough looking but very go  P.O.R.
34867786(EQU) SULLAIR 750D4WQDD this compressor is in far  P.O.R.
34867758(EQU) 2006 BOBCAT T300 2006 Bobcat T300 on rubbe  P.O.R.
34867754(EQU) 2010 CATERPILLAR 277C CAT 277C skid loader with  P.O.R.
34867773(EQU) 1974 ATHEY 7-11D Athey forced feed loader.  P.O.R.
34867763(EQU) BARBER-GREE 22x37 Barber Greene portable ch  P.O.R.
34867664(EQU) BARBER-GREE 30x42 3 sets of legs & 20 OD wi  P.O.R.
34867665(EQU) CEDARAPIDS 24x65 24x65 conveyor w/8 channe  P.O.R.
34867710(EQU) CEDARAPIDS 30x30 30x30 conveyor on 6 chann  P.O.R.
34867668(EQU) CUSTOMBUILT 24x21 24x21 shopbuilt channel c  P.O.R.
34867707(EQU) CONTINENTAL 48x25.5 #132015- Continental Gin   P.O.R.
34867666(EQU) GRACE 24x200 truss conveyor w/gravity   P.O.R.
34867733(EQU) HEWITT-ROBI 5x14 5X14 3 Step-deck Rip Rap   P.O.R.
34867667(EQU) PIONEER 30x250 30x250 24 deep truss w/4   P.O.R.
34867757(EQU) 2012 PEERLESS 50 TON 50 ton Peerless self erec  P.O.R.
34867669(EQU) SHOP MADE 30x80 Misc. conveyor components  P.O.R.
34867717(EQU) SHOP MADE 32x70 30x72 conveyor w/40 of tr  P.O.R.
34867718(EQU) SHOP MADE 32x80 30x80 channel conveyor (6  P.O.R.
34867706(EQU) SHOP MADE 46x8 46x8 apron feeder with lo  P.O.R.
34867699(EQU) SYNTRON F330DT 26x36 with 5x5 feed hoppe  P.O.R.
34867700(EQU) TELSMITH 42x12 Telsmith 42x12 apron feed  P.O.R.
34867799(EQU) 1971 UNIVERSAL 38x16 Vibrating grizzly with 6   P.O.R.
34867727(EQU) 1975 CATERPILLAR D8K #410052- CAT D8K with Kel  P.O.R.
34867728(EQU) 1978 CATERPILLAR D8K #410054- CAT D8K crawler  P.O.R.
34867782(EQU) 1978 CATERPILLAR D9H CAT D9H; cab with A/C; st  P.O.R.
34867792(EQU) 1992 CATERPILLAR D6R D6R dozer with 10 straigh  P.O.R.
34867704(EQU) 1970 BL-PEGSON 1300 AUTOMAX Pegson 1300 cone with hyd  P.O.R.
34867705(EQU) BL-PEGSON 1300 AUTOMAX Pegson 1300 cone with hyd  P.O.R.
34867670(EQU) 1996 CEDARAPIDS 4336 Cedarapids 4336 impact wi  P.O.R.
34894566(EQU) EAGLE 900 112043, Eagle 900 Open Ci  P.O.R.
34910462(EQU) GATOR 10X39 Portable Gator 10x39" jaw  P.O.R.
34867735(EQU) GRUENDLER 24x24 Roller bearing jaw crushe  P.O.R.
34867671(EQU) HUMBOLT 100/105 Secondary impact (42 wide  P.O.R.
34867702(EQU) 1967 HEWITT-ROBI 48x66 Portable 4866 Hewitt-Robi  P.O.R.
34867772(EQU) 1987 HAZEMAG APS1313QM Grasan built portable APS  P.O.R.
34867778(EQU) 2004 KOLBERG 4500H Portable Kolberg 4500-VSI  P.O.R.
34867673(EQU) 1987 KUE KEN 51 IN cone crusher w/200 hp; 46  P.O.R.
34867672(EQU) KENNEDY VAN 30x48 Single rotor Impact w/ele  P.O.R.
34894567(EQU) 2001 NORDBERG LT1213 112044,Nordberg LT1213, T  P.O.R.
34867674(EQU) SHOP MADE 6x10 Rotary drum crusher; 2 1/  P.O.R.
34867769(EQU) STEDMAN 50 IN 4 row lime mill; 2-250 HP  P.O.R.
34867703(EQU) SYMONS 5125 STD Symons 4 1/4 standard con  P.O.R.
34867780(EQU) TEREX CANIC VSI 80 Portable TXCN model 80 VS  P.O.R.
34867775(EQU) 2006 TEREX PEGSO 1180 PREMIERTRAK 32x44 self contained jaw   P.O.R.
34867774(EQU) 1970 UNIVERSAL 293Q Universal 293Q portable c  P.O.R.
34867801(EQU) 1974 UNIVERSAL 3755 portable 3755 impact w/38  P.O.R.
34867719(EQU) 1989 UNIVERSAL 150x230 Universal 150/230 impact   P.O.R.
34867734(EQU) UNIVERSAL 12x48 Portable jaw with 36x12 a  P.O.R.
34975420(EQU) UNIVERSAL 30X42 #111069-Portable Universa  P.O.R.
34910463(EQU) UNIVERSAL 32IN #112045- Universal PRIMAR  P.O.R.
34867759(EQU) CATERPILLAR 320L Sheet metal is rough. in  P.O.R.
34867731(EQU) 1994 HITACHI EX400 LC-3 hyd excavator w/ aprox 13  P.O.R.
34867730(EQU) LINK-BELT 3400Q Link-Belt 3400 Quantum ex  P.O.R.
34910471(EQU) CATERPILLAR 9000 #360003- Caterpillar 9000  P.O.R.
34910464(EQU) TOYOTA 4000 #360002- Toyota 4000 lb f  P.O.R.
34910467(EQU) TEREX 8000 #360004- Terex 8000 lb fo  P.O.R.
34867751(EQU) CATERPILLAR 250 KW 250 kw generator set with  P.O.R.
34867688(EQU) CUMMINS 190 KW 190KW; 1800 RPM; 60hz; 23  P.O.R.
34867750(EQU) DETROIT 100 KW/671 100KW/125KVA Detroit dies  P.O.R.
34867753(EQU) DETROIT 300 KW 12V 92 Detroit diesel 300  P.O.R.
34867720(EQU) DELCO 190 KW Delco 600 KW broad range   P.O.R.
34867690(EQU) 1968 CATERPILLAR 769B 1800x33 tires(LF 70% RF 8  P.O.R.
34867787(EQU) 1975 CATERPILLAR 769B tires are 1800-25. RF is  P.O.R.
34867689(EQU) CATERPILLAR 769B 1800x33 tires (RR 60% res  P.O.R.
34867760(EQU) 1982 EUCLID 302LD Euclid R50 haul truck. Le  P.O.R.
34867711(EQU) EUCLID 201TD Euclid 201TD haul truck w  P.O.R.
34867791(EQU) EUCLID R35 This engine is a Detroit   P.O.R.
34867692(EQU) 1994 INTERNATION PAYHAULER 350C 50 ton rigid frame all wh  P.O.R.
34867691(EQU) 1998 INTERNATION PAYHAULER 350C 50 ton rigid frame all wh  P.O.R.
34867693(EQU) 1998 INTERNATION PAYHAULER 350C 50 ton rigid frame all wh  P.O.R.
34867694(EQU) 1998 INTERNATION PAYHAULER 350C 50 ton rigid frame all wh  P.O.R.
34867776(EQU) KOMATSU 140M This truck has size 1800x  P.O.R.
34867749(EQU) GORMAN-RUPP 10x12 10X12 Gorman Rupp self pr  P.O.R.
34867794(EQU) HALE 50FB3M3-4 3x4 centrifugal pump with  P.O.R.
34910469(EQU) OTHER 100HP #990038- 100 HP electric   P.O.R.
34910470(EQU) OTHER 300HP #990039- 300 HP electric   P.O.R.
34910468(EQU) OTHER NEW #990037- "NEW" pivoted mo  P.O.R.
34867741(EQU) SIMPLICITY J36 Simplicity 10 J36 booster  P.O.R.
34867747(EQU) THOMAS 10 IN 10x12 sand pump in good c  P.O.R.
34867788(EQU) 1968 BARBER-GREE 120 TPH this is a stationary batc  P.O.R.
34867678(EQU) BARBER-GREE DB40 Single feed bin (approx.   P.O.R.
34867679(EQU) 1984 CEDARAPIDS BSF520 Self-propelled paver; 4;6  P.O.R.
34867680(EQU) 1993 CEDARAPIDS CR461 Greyhound track paver w/C  P.O.R.
34867748(EQU) 1988 ETNYRE 1271 GAL 1271 gallon Etnyre oil di  P.O.R.
34867729(EQU) 1994 CANNON IND HEPRB 13 Cannon underground drill.  P.O.R.
34867783(EQU) 1992 FURUKAWA HCR9E Furukawa 9E hydraulic dri  P.O.R.
34975414(EQU) 1999 FURUKAWA HCR12ED ISUZU DSL ENG WITH 11,308  P.O.R.
34867738(EQU) 2005 FURUKAWA HCR1200ED Furukawa 1200ED hydraulic  P.O.R.
34867779(EQU) 2007 FURUKAWA HCR900ES Furukawa 900ES hydraulic   P.O.R.
34867745(EQU) 2017 FURUKAWA HCR1500ED II 2017 Furukawa 1500EDII hy  P.O.R.
35048506(EQU) FURUKAWA 1200ED II 510096, FURUKAWA 1200 ED   P.O.R.
34867784(EQU) FURUKAWA HCR300 HCR 300 hydraulic rock dr  P.O.R.
34867797(EQU) INGERSOLL R ECM370 Ingersoll Rand self conta  P.O.R.
34867761(EQU) INGERSOLL R ECM660 Ingersoll Rand ECM-660 hy  P.O.R.
34867808(EQU) 1991 JOY RAM-EXT Joy Ram EXT-MS2 square bo  P.O.R.
34867807(EQU) JOY MS2A 530020, MS-2A air track d  P.O.R.
34867806(EQU) JOY RAM-EXT 530022, air track drill w  P.O.R.
34867756(EQU) REEDRILL SK35HP Reed DK-35HP down the hol  P.O.R.
34867715(EQU) SULLIVAN SCORPION Self-contained; air-track  P.O.R.
34867796(EQU) SULLIVAN SCORPION Sullivan Palatek self con  P.O.R.
34867795(EQU) TAMROCK DHA550 Tamrock self contained hy  P.O.R.
34867687(EQU) TAMROCK HS105D Vertical or Horizontal dr  P.O.R.
34867695(EQU) 1990 JOHN DEERE 862B self propelled scraper. 4  P.O.R.
34867732(EQU) CEDARAPIDS 42x10 42x10 Cedarapids Horizona  P.O.R.
34867793(EQU) CEDARAPIDS 4X12 Portable 4x12 2-deck hori  P.O.R.
34867790(EQU) DEISTER 5x16 5x16 3-deck incline scree  P.O.R.
34867744(EQU) EAGLE IRON 8X20 EL JAY 8x20 3-deck inclin  P.O.R.
34975418(EQU) EXTEC 5X10 141146, Portable Extec 5x  P.O.R.
34867724(EQU) NORDBERG 6x20 6x20 2-deck incline scree  P.O.R.
34867789(EQU) NORDBERG 8x20 Nordberg 8x20 2-deck incl  P.O.R.
34867709(EQU) P.E.P. 5x10 5x10 2-deck screening pla  P.O.R.
34867768(EQU) POWERSCREEN COMMANDER Powerscreen Commander wit  P.O.R.
34867722(EQU) SECO 6x16 6x16 2.5-deck incline scr  P.O.R.
34867721(EQU) SECO 6x16 6x13 3-deck incline scree  P.O.R.
34867723(EQU) SECO 6x16 6x16 2.5-deck incline scr  P.O.R.
34867725(EQU) SECO 6x16 6x16single deck incline s  P.O.R.
34867726(EQU) SECO 6x16 6x16 single deck incline   P.O.R.
34867701(EQU) SYMONS 36x12 Symons 36x12 VEE cone scr  P.O.R.
34867708(EQU) TYROCK F900 Ty-Rocket incline screen   P.O.R.
34867677(EQU) TY & ROCKET 5x12 3-Deck screen with solid   P.O.R.
34867696(EQU) BROCE 300 Self-propelled broom w/ga  P.O.R.
34867764(EQU) WALDON SWEEPMASTER Enclosed cab and air. Bro  P.O.R.
34867697(EQU) EUCLID 71TD 250 HP Cummins engine w/5  P.O.R.
34867781(EQU) CATERPILLAR 980C CAT 980C wheel loader. ER  P.O.R.
34867805(EQU) CATERPILLAR 992B EROPS cab with ac. 37.5x  P.O.R.
34867698(EQU) 1979 TEREX 7261 EROPS; no A/C; 6 1/2 yd l  P.O.R.
34867770(EQU) 2010 VOLVO L25B Volvo L25Bloader with 700  P.O.R.

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Phone: 5736358700
Fax: 5736350630

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