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Heartland Communications Group, Inc. Online Privacy Statement

Heartland Communications Group, Inc., is committed to protecting our user's privacy. We will use our best efforts to ensure that submitted information adheres to the statement below.

Information Collected - We require personal contact information and equipment information to create and maintain our database of classified services. This is done through voluntary registration to our sites and voluntary purchases of our products

Information Used - Heartland Communications Group, Inc. uses information collected on our site to promote our products and those of our customers. All emails sent out have an opt-out option that automatically removes email addresses from our lists. We reserve the right to provide third parties with non-exclusive, limited use of our collected information.

Cookies - Heartland Communications Group, Inc. utilizes a technology called "cookies" that allows us to track activity of registered users. We use this information to enhance the customer's website experience by making it easier to use the site, and to improve the website's design. No personally identifiable information is kept in these cookie files.

Transactions - Products are available for purchase on Heartland Communications Group, Inc.'s websites and transactions are secured by utilizing Secure Socket Layer certificates from VeriSign® that encrypt sensitive and personal data.

Security - Heartland Communications Group, Inc. protects its data and servers with multiple layers of security, including firewalls, anti-virus and monitoring software. We regularly update our software with the latest security patches. These efforts are undertaken to protect our systems from unwanted accesses.

We will post any changes to this statement here, so that Heartland Communications Group's customer will be aware of them. If you have questions or comments about our Privacy Statement, or would like you email address removed from our list, please send us an email at webmaster@hlipublishing.com.

Thank you for visiting our site.

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