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FAX: 515-955-6636
Advanced Hydraulics Inc.
2 Pg.
60P x 42P9
10" x 7.125"
2 Pg. Bleed
65P x 51P6
10.833" x 8.583"
2/3 Pg. (3x4)
28P6 x 28P2
4.75" x 4.694"
1/2 Pg. Hor. (4x5)
28P6 x 20P10
4.75" x 3.472"
1/2 Pg. Ver. (2x10)
13P9 x 42P9
2.292" x 7.125"
1/3 Pg. Hor. (4x3)
28P6 x 13P9
4.75" x 2.292"
1/3 Pg. Ver. (2x6)
13P9 x 28P6
2.292" x 4.75"
1/4 Pg. (2x5)
13P9 x 20P10
2.292" x 3.472"
1/6 Pg. (2x3)
13P9 x 13P6
2.292" x 2.25"
1/8 Pg. (2x2)
13P9 x 9P10
2.292" x 1.639"
28P3 x 36P8
4.708" x 6.111"
28P3 x 36P
4.708" x 6"

Business Cards

17P6 x 10P
2.917" x 1.667"

When sending electronic files to us, please refer to the information below for a compatible, error-free exchange of digital files. We are able to receive, open and use files sent to us in the following formats:
Graphics Software
Removable Media
· QuarkXpress V4.0
· Photoshop V4.0 & V5.0
· Freehand V8.0
· Illustrator V5.0
· Pagemaker V5.5
  mac formatted
· 3.5" disk
100 mb zip
· 1 or 2 gb jaz
· 128 or 230 Mb optical
· CD Rom Drive
Graphic File Formats (Email)
Compression Utilities
· jpg
· tiff
· pdf
· All linked graphic elements in ad must be included. All four color or grayscale scanned elements should have at least 286dpi. All bitmap scanned elements should have at least 600dpi.
  · Stuffit 3.5
· PKZip 2.03
· All film must be right reading, emulsion down.
· Glossy - 133dpi
· Non Glossy - 119dpi

· .txt
· Any Freehand or Illustrator files that contain text should be converted to paths.
· All fonts used in document should be supplied. Both printer & screen fonts. Some font substitution may be necessary.
· When sending a disk, please include a laser or color copy of contents.
· When e-mailing a file, please fax a copy of ad design so we can compare.
If you have any questions, please call us at 800-247-2000.
Or e-mail us at Thank You.
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