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Receive Want-To-Buy Emails

Does receiving leads by email for purchase of your equipment interest you? Does receiving them at no cost interest you more?

How does it work?

Simple. Buyers who are actively looking for equipment will provide our staff with the details of the item they are looking for. Our staff will format the request and forward it on to our seller members. You may then search your inventory for a match to the request and e-mail us back with your inventory matches and other relevant information. This information along with your contact information will be forwarded to the potential buyer. Fast? Easy? You bet.

What does this cost per lead? This service is provided free to any of our registered equipment sellers. If you are not with us yet email us at or call 800-247-2000 today!

Another quality service from your friends at

Please fill out the survey below to receive leads by email for purchase of your equipment.

City: State:
Zip: Phone:
Fax: Email:
Email must be filled in to receive Want-to-Buy requests
I would like to receive industry-specific information via email.
1. FOR CONTRACTORS ONLY: Please select the category that best describes your business
  Highway and Heavy Construction - Contractors primarily engaged in construction of highways, streets and roads, bridges/overpasses and airports, underground construction, excavating, marine construction, and/or the construction of projects other than building erection
  General Building Construction - Contractors primarily engaged in construction of heavy buildings and tract development (not home builders)
  Engaged in Both - contractors substantially engaged in both categories described above
  Other Contractors - Electrical, demolition, mechanical and other contractors (Please specify: )
2. FOR NONCONTRACTORS ONLY: Please check the primary business/function of your company/organization
  Construction materials producer (sand, gravel, stone, lime, cement, ready mix, asphalt)
  Logging/wood and pulp processing
  Dealer/distributor of components, parts, supplies, and accessories
(Please specify: )
3. What is your primary job title?
  Upper Management: CEO's, Chairmen of the Board, Owners, Partners, Presidents, Vice Presidents, CFO's, Treasurers
  Middle Management: Administrators, Managers, Supervisors, Superintendents, Master Mechanics, Engineers, Purchasing Agents, other executive officials
  Equipment Staff: Equipment Superintendents, Shop & Mechanical Supervisors, Fleet Superintendents, Estimators and Heavy Equipment Operators from Equipment Management
(Please specify: )
4. What is your firm's annual CONTRACT or SALES VOLUME?
  More than $10 million
  $5,000,001 to $10 million
  $1,00,,001 to $5 million
  $500,001 to $1 million
  $250,001 to $500,000
  Less than $250,000
5. What is your firm's replacement value of construction equipment & trucks owned and/or leased for your company's use?
  More than $10 million
  $5,000,001 to $10 million
  $1,00,,001 to $5 million
  $500,001 to $1 million
  $250,001 to $500,000
  Less than $250,000
6. In the performance of my job, I have the authority to specify, select, rent, and/or approve acquisition of the following:
  Earthmoving equipment
  General utility equipment
  Lift equipment
  None of the above
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